Government Success Story

Customer Profile: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

VA's Veterans Health Administration is the largest integrated health care network in the United States, with 1,255 health care facilities serving 9 million enrolled Veterans each year.

Veterans can earn a range of benefits that help them transition back to civilian life in the country they fought to defend. Through the Veterans Benefits Administration, VA helps servicemembers transition out of military service, and assists with education, home loans, life insurance and much more.

1. Business challenge

VA was searching for a product that provides the ability to conduct design and analysis, parsing design and analysis, and data & business logic to support the Electronic Datat Interchange (EDI) Gateway migration from the Health Administration Data Center (HAC) to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

2. Solution

EdiFabric is a technology used to assist developers in reading, assessing and creating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) formats. It also uses Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Core to store data on users local drive, which aligns well with VA's TRM policies.

VA TRM Mgmt Group, Decision Source

EdiFabric's flexibility to extend EDI templates was successfuly used to implement additional situational validation for all HIPAA transactions. The ability to parse large X12 files and to automatically generate 999 acknowledgments was esential to the delivery of the PayerEDI project.

Thanks for your help and advice on utilizing the splitter and async options for parsing and validating our large x12 files.

William Cao

3. Benefits

This is a well-documented technology.

At the time of writing, no National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) vulnerabilities had been reported and no VA Network Security Operations Center (NSOC) bulletins had been issued for the latest versions of this technology.

This technology may improve productivity for specific staff with development responsibilities in reading, assessing and creating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) formats.

EdiFabric helped VA's PayerEDI project to implement EDI for all HIPAA 4010 and 5010 transactions, automatically create database for them, generate 999 and TA1 acknowledgments, read large X12 files, and work with NCPDP Telco D0 transactions, by using a single EDI component.