Translate and validate EDI files

Immediately determine whether your EDI files are compliant with their guidelines and visually inspect any validation errors.

  • View EDI files in an interactive and hierarchical format
  • Locate and show validation errors
  • Edit the EDI file contents and re-analyze them

Cross-reference with the EDI guideline

Automatically cross-reference between the data in the EDI file, the validation errors, if any, and the EDI guideline.

  • Display the EDI guideline in an interactive view
  • List all EDI item properties, such as usage, position, etc.
  • Lookup EDI codes and show how segments are matched

Convert between EDI and JSON

Seamless and bi-directional translation between EDI and JSON. All JSON models are included for immediate reference.

  • Visual JSON to/from EDI editors
  • Switch between compact and full JSON
  • View all EDI transaction models

Generate EDI acknowledgments

Automatically generate EDI compliant acknowledgments - 997 or 999 for X12 and functional CONTRL for EDIFACT.

  • Generate compliant 997, 999 or CONTRL
  • View the acknowledgment as text
  • Edit or download the acknowledgment

Import SEF and OpenEDI specs

Automatically migrate all EDI SEF files you have accumulated over the years or build custom specs in our proprietary OpenEDI format.

  • Match any partner-specific EDI format
  • Import SEF or OpenEDI specifications
  • One-click deployment for all customized EDI specs

View and download EDI specs

Access the largest free library of EDI specifications. View and download all standard EDI specifications.

  • Explore all EDI specs for X12, EDIFACT, HL7, and many more
  • View and download OpenEDI models as text, JSON, or YAML
  • Create custom EDI implementation guidelines

Get Started in No Time

All your EDI translation and validation operations in one place so you can reuse and attach them to any of your internal processes or solutions in a standard way.