Supply Chain Success Story

Customer Profile: Syncorder

Syncorder is a company founded in 2012 providing a next-generation EDI cloud SaaS solution, which focuses on making the supply-chain collaboration between companies smarter and more efficient than traditional EDI solutions to companies both with and without EDI.

Their solution allows business partners to view, share and copy each other's data, thus creating a more transparent view of the supply chain outside each company's limits.

This amongst other benefits prevents misunderstandings, failed orders, problems with delivery and more at a much earlier stage.

1. Business challenge

With a growing number of trading partners exchanging documents related to orders such as acknowledgments, receipts, invoices, etc. in EDI format, Syncorder were looking to expand their connectivity offering by adding EDI standards (EDIFACT, EANCOM and X12) support to their customer-facing API.

2. Solution

Syncorder have relied on Microsoft .NET to build vital parts of their business applications and wanted to reuse their teams and skills rather than investing into a managed solution. They selected EdiFabric to handle the translations to\from EDI because it fit extremely well into their existing applications and provided coverage for almost all X12 and EDIFACT versions currently in use. The simplicity of the framework led to the speedy adoption by the development team.

It took about a week to make the integration with EdiFabric. The familiarity of EDI among the people working on EDI with us is 10-20+ years.

Jacob Breiting Sönnichsen, Group CTO

3. Benefits

Syncorder were able to offer their customers some of the familiar EDI formats for supplying information without having to maintain these formats themselves.

EdiFabric’s comprehensive EDI framework bolstered their business agility and cost effectiveness by providing unmatched in accuracy and performance EDI translation and generation to common EDI formats.

The version-tailored, transaction validation feature aligned well with the objective to catch and report document errors as early as possible.

Syncorder were able to focus on their core EDI business and in the same time to have full control over their EDI implementation with virtually no overhead and by utilizing internal resources only.