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Support plans

All support issues should be communicated either by submitting a request or contacting us at Additionally you can search our Knowledge Base, FAQ or EDI Support Forum.

Support options Subscription (EDI API only) Standard Priority
Available for Subscribe for $45/mo Buy for $499 Buy for $950
Support Term Duration

Our commercial licenses include a 1-year support term. Our trial licenses come with 14-day dedicated support to help you complete a successful evaluation.

1 month/rolling 1 year 1 year
Support Incidents

** Number of incidents that can be raised for the duration of the Support Term
* Fair Usage Policy applies.

unlimited unlimited for the first month,
then 11 thereafter ***
Incident Response Time

Get help directly from the people who build our tools.
Maximum lead time for each response Mon-Fri, 9 am–5 pm UK time, excluding public holidays.

72-hours 72-hours 24-hours
Phone Assistance

Pick up the phone and speak to a technical person right away. Get quick advice and direction or help us understand the full scope of the issue.
* Fair Usage Policy applies. Mon-Fri, 9 am–5 pm UK time, excluding public holidays.

Remote Web Assistance

Demonstrate any issues in the environment they occur in.
* Fair Usage Policy applies. 24-hour lead time. Subject to scheduling availability, Mon-Fri, 9 am–1pm UK time, excluding public holidays.

Coding guidance

Includes technical product guidance and extension support.


* In order to keep providing our unlimited support, we reserve the right to review support requests when they exceed the average number of requests per customer.

** A support incident is defined as a single support issue and the reasonable effort needed to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate issues. If a problem consists of subordinate issues, each shall be considered a separate incident.

*** Upon reaching the incident limit you can request additional incidents for $100.00 per incident until you plan term expires.