Logistics Success Story

Customer Profile: Sertrans Catalunya, S.A.


Founded in 1987, Sertrans has established itself as a family business dedicated to goods transport. Since then, they have grown innovating their logistic services always to ensure the satisfaction that their clients value.

A transport and logistics company that works mainly across Europe, employing a fleet of more than 500 trucks.

1. Business challenge

Sertrans needed to communicate with their trading partners and customers through various new technologies and business formats, with EDIFACT being prevalent. They searched for a .NET EDI library that can translate EDIFACT documents into structured data, which can then be easily ingested into their in-house applications.

2. Solution

Sertrans found EdiFabric EDI Tools via a Google search and evaluated the trial version. There were multiple other options available on the Internet, but none was simpler to integrate with their existing applications.

It only took them a few days to get up and running and to replace a cumbersome manual process of converting EDIFACT documents into CSV and importing them into their ERP system.

The idea to use a template class was uncommon, and finding the correct template was not straightforward. Trial-and-error and Edifabric’s excellent support worked well for us to get started quickly

Guillem Julve, TI Development Officer

3. Benefits

Sertrans have automated the importing of orders in EDI format into their systems, quickly and efficiently. This used to be a manual process, taking about a minute for every new order, and using dedicated staff members.

By integrating EdiFabric EDI Tools, Sertrans managed to speed up their order processing, reduce errors, release two staff members from mundane tasks and increase their overall quality and competitiveness.

EdiFabric Framework is the simplest way to import EDIFACT files that we found.

Guillem Julve, TI Development Officer