Take your mind off the intricacies of EDI
and enjoy EDI translation, generation, validation & more

EDI framework for .NET developers to parse, translate, read, create, generate or write EDI, X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT, EANCOM, VDA, PNRGOV

EDI software toolkit to manipulate and process EDI documents easily and efficiently
Includes a single, high-performance .NET EDI library plus 5000+ fully customizable EDI templates for

Why build EDI applications in-house, the EdiFabric way ?

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Fit into your existing processes

Treat EDI exactly the same as any other project and reuse existing functionality

EdiFabric EDI Logistics

Scale at will

Deploy as part of your applications, on-prem or in the cloud, site-unlimited and royalty-free


Low investment to set-up

Purchase at the cost of a mobile phone and get started within hours

EdiFabric EDI Financial

Rely on your own team

Use your existing staff to integrate and maintain EDI as part of their daily activities

EdiFabric EDI VDA Automotive

No need to buy new hardware

Use your existing infrastructure without any performance or efficiency overhead

EdiFabric EDI Manufactoring

No need to pay for EDI resources

Use familiar technologies and concepts without having to learn new skills or tools

EdiFabric EDI Financial

Save time and efforts

On-board EDI partners just like non-EDI partners, at your own pace and in your environment

EdiFabric EDI VDA Automotive

Have full control

Comply with any regulation or requirement and have complete visibility of your transactions

EdiFabric EDI Manufactoring

Reduce the total cost

Reuse your existing software and benefit from a perpetual license, with free updates & support

Featured in BizTalk: Azure Applications book

EDI framework for .NET developers to parse, translate, read, create, generate or write EDI, X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT, EANCOM, VDA, PNRGOV

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Our EDI toolkit is right for you if you've ever faced challenges such as:

I want to reduce the total cost of ownership for EDI

I also want to on-board trading partners rapidly and to support new EDI standards and protocols at an affordable cost.

We need to integrate EDI into our existing applications

We want to utilize our internal resources only to provide a scalable and reusable solution that fits well into our existing architecture.

My team is new to EDI but it already looks too complex

We don't want to invest in new technologies, editors or scripts and prefer to use familiar frameworks (DOT NET) to work with EDI.

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