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EdiWriterT, U Class

Writes .NET object into EDI documents.
Inheritance Hierarchy
    EdiFabric.Framework.WritersEdiWriterT, U

Namespace:  EdiFabric.Framework.Writers
Assembly:  EdiFabric.Framework (in EdiFabric.Framework.dll) Version: (
public abstract class EdiWriter<T, U> : BaseWriter

Type Parameters

The interchange header.
The group header.

The EdiWriterT, U type exposes the following members.

Public methodFlush
Flushes the writer. Closes the last started interchange and group if any. Flushes the underlying StreamWriter to clear the buffer.
(Overrides BaseWriterFlush.)
Public methodWrite(U)
Writes a group header to the destination to start a new group. Closes the last started group if any.
Public methodWrite(EdiMessage)
Writes a message to the destination.
(Overrides BaseWriterWrite(EdiMessage).)
Public methodWrite(TA1)
Write TA1 to the destination.
Public methodWrite(UNA)
Write UNA to the destination.
Public methodWrite(T, Separators)
Writes an interchange header to the destination to start a new interchange. Closes the previous interchange and group if any.
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