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MessageErrorCode Enumeration

EDI message error codes. Used in X12 997 AK502 or X12 999 IK502.

Namespace: EdiFabric.Core.ErrorCodes
Assembly: EdiFabric (in EdiFabric.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public enum MessageErrorCode
Member nameValueDescription
TransactionSetNotSupported0 1 Transaction set not supported
MessageTrailerMissing1 2 Transaction set trailer missing
ControlNumberNotMatching2 3 Transaction set control number in header and trailer do not match
SegmentsCountNotMatching3 4 Number of included segments does not match actual count
MessageWithErrors4 5 One or more segments in error
MissingOrInvalidTransactionSet5 6 Missing or invalid transaction set identifier
MissingOrInvalidControlNumber6 7 Transaction set control number not unique
DuplicateMessageControlNumber7 23 Missing or invalid transaction set control number
FunctionalGroupVersionNotSupported8 X12 997 AK905 or X12 999 IK905 2 Functional group version not supported
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