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ReceivingResponsibleOrganization Properties

The ReceivingResponsibleOrganization type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAssigningAuthority_06 Assigning Authority
Public propertyAssigningFacility_08 Assigning Facility
Public propertyCheckDigit_04 Check Digit
Public propertyCheckDigitScheme_05 Check Digit Scheme
Public propertyId The ID used by Entity Framewwork
Public propertyIdentifierTypeCode_07 Identifier Type Code
Public propertyIDNumber_03 ID Number
Public propertyNameRepresentationCode_09 Name Representation Code
Public propertyOrganizationIdentifier_10 Organization Identifier
Public propertyOrganizationName_01 Organization Name
Public propertyOrganizationNameTypeCode_02 Organization Name Type Code
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