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FHS Properties

The FHS type exposes the following members.

Public propertyFileControlID_10
File Control ID
Public propertyFileCreationDateTime_06
File Creation Date/Time
Public propertyFileEncodingCharacters_01
File Encoding Characters
Public propertyFileHeaderComment_9
File Header Comment
Public propertyFileNameID_08
File Name/ID
Public propertyFileReceivingApplication_04
File Receiving Application
Public propertyFileReceivingFacility_05
File Receiving Facility
Public propertyFileReceivingNetworkAddress_13
File Receiving Network Address
Public propertyFileSecurity_07
File Security
Public propertyFileSendingApplication_02
File Sending Application
Public propertyFileSendingFacility_03
File Sending Facility
Public propertyFileSendingNetworkAddress_12
File Sending Network Address
Public propertyReferenceFileControlID_11
Reference File Control ID
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