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ERR Properties

The ERR type exposes the following members.

Public propertyApplicationErrorCode_05 Application Error Code
Public propertyApplicationErrorParameter_06 Application Error Parameter
Public propertyDiagnosticInformation_07 Diagnostic Information
Public propertyErrorCodeAndLocation_01 Error Code and Location
Public propertyErrorLocation_02 Error Location
Public propertyHelpDeskContactPoint_12 Help Desk Contact Point
Public propertyHLErrorCode_03 HL7 Error Code
Public propertyId The ID used by Entity Framewwork
Public propertyInformPersonIndicator_09 Inform Person Indicator
Public propertyOverrideReasonCode_11 Override Reason Code
Public propertyOverrideType_10 Override Type
Public propertySeverity_04 Severity
Public propertyUserMessage_08 User Message
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