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VdaReader Constructor (Stream, FuncString, MessageContext, Encoding, String, Int32)

Initializes a new instance of the VdaReader class.

Namespace:  EdiFabric.Framework.Readers
Assembly:  EdiFabric (in EdiFabric.dll) Version: (
public VdaReader(
	Stream ediStream,
	Func<string, MessageContext> messageContext,
	Encoding encoding = null,
	string postFix = "",
	int segmentLength = 128


Type: System.IOStream
The VDA stream to read from.
Type: SystemFuncString, MessageContext
The delegate to return the message context.
encoding (Optional)
Type: System.TextEncoding
The encoding. The default is Encoding.UTF8.
postFix (Optional)
Type: SystemString
The postfix.
segmentLength (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
The default segment length is 128.
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