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MessageContext Properties

The MessageContext type exposes the following members.

Public propertyControlNumber
The message control number.
Public propertyFormat
The message format (X12 or Edifact or other).
Public propertyMessageType
The type of message.
Public propertyName
The message tag or ID.
Public propertyPartialAllowed
Whether allows partial reading.
Public propertyReceiverId
UNB 3.1 or ISA8 .
Public propertyReceiverQualifier
UNB 3.2 or ISA7 .
Public propertySenderId
UNB 2.1 or ISA6 .
Public propertySenderQualifier
UNB 2.2 or ISA5 .
Public propertySplitterRegex
he regex to match for each segment.
Public propertyVersion
The message version (derived from the group if not explicitly set in the message).
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