Plan Renewal

Renewing your plan

Your plan comes with a one-year product updates and support out of the box. To continue receiving new features, performance enhancements, new or updated EDI rules and support, please renew your plan when it is due to expire. You will receive an email from us to remind you to renew your plan 45 days prior to the expiry date. You can also upgrade your plan by purchasing any renewal plan.

Plan Duration Before the expiration date After the expiration date
Professional 1 year $475.00 (50%) $807.00 (85%)
Professional 2 years $855.00 (40%) $1453.00 (75%)
Enterprise 1 year $649.00 (50%) $1104.00 (85%)
Enterprise 2 years $1169.00 (40%) $1988.00 (75%)
Source Code 1 year 50% of the original price 85% of the original price
Source Code 2 years 40% of the original price $75% of the original price

All prices are in US Dollars.