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Lightning-fast EDI translator

Lightning-fast EDI translator

Powerful stream-based EDI parser. Reads large EDI files and EDI transactions, multiple EDI interchanges or even corrupt EDI data

Intuitive EDI generator

Intuitive EDI generator

Generate EDI and write it to stream or file. Supports batching, configurable EDI delimiters, automatic EDI trailers and postfixes

Versatile EDI DOM

Familiar Concepts

Convert EDI to XML using XmlSerializer, EDI to JSON with Json.NET, automatically create database using Entity Framework, etc.

Configurable EDI templates

Configurable EDI templates

Comply with any partner-specific EDI format. Includes 5000+ EDI templates for X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT, EANCOM, VDA and PNRGOV

Meticulous EDI validator

Meticulous EDI validator

Rigorous EDI validation to ensure EDI conforms to the agreed syntax rules. CAQH compliant HIPAA validation for all HIPAA SNIP levels

Non-blocking EDI acknowledgments

Auto EDI acknowledgments

Communicate reliably with your business partners and generate TA1 997 999 or CONTRL EDI acknowledgments

One multi-platform EDI Framework for .NET

Are you looking for a quick solution to translate EDI, generate EDI or validate EDI ? Then incorporate it into your own applications. And then deploy it in the cloud or on premise, and on any platform.

Get it right the first time with our time-saving and powerful EDI toolkit for .NET.

It is a set of components that are installed as NuGet packages and target both .NET Framework (minimum 4.0) and .NET Core (minimum 1.1, runs on Mac, Linux or Windows).

All you need to start with EDI is familiarity with .NET and your favorite .NET IDE.

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EDI framework for .NET developers to parse, translate, read, create, generate or write EDI, X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT, EANCOM, VDA, PNRGOV
EDI library for .NET developers to parse, translate, read, create, generate or write EDI, X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT, EANCOM, VDA, PNRGOV

Manipulate EDI as an instance of a C# class

EDI DOM stands for EDI Dynamic Object Model and lets you handle EDI the same way modern web browsers support HTML or XML. EDI DOM means:

  • EDI data is represented as POCOs which can be manipulated dynamically
  • EDI transactions are defined as fully customizable C# classes
  • EDI validation is based on attributes, same as .NET's own DataAnnotations
  • Serialize EDI to XML by using XMLSerializer
  • Serialize EDI to JSON by using either DataContractJsonSerializer or Json.NET
  • Save EDI data to database by using EntityFramework or directly
  • Export EDI data to files of any format - XML, CSV, Excel, etc.
Learn about EDI Templates

Comply with any EDI format

Each EDI transaction is represented as a hierarchy of C# classes according to its implementation guidelines. It's the same as any other domain model.

You can turn any .NET class, new or existing, into EDI compliant template by annotating some of its properties with our EDI DOM attributes .

You can model the EDI templates however you like and customize them according to any requirement, be it format-specific or naming convention.

Take a look at our sample EDI templates to get the gist of it:

For a quick intro to the basics of EDI start with our popular article What is EDI ?

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    // Snippet
    [Message("X12", "004010", "850")]
    public class TS850 : EdiMessage
        public ST ST { get; set; }
        public BEG BEG { get; set; }
        public CUR CUR { get; set; }
        public List<REF> REF { get; set; }
        public List<PER> PER { get; set; }
        public List<TAX> TAX { get; set; }
        public List<FOB>
        FOB { get; set; }
        public List<CTP> CTP { get; set; }       
270 Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit Inquiry
271 Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit Information
276 Health Care Claim Status Request
277 Health Care Information Status Notification
277 CA Health Care Claim Acknowledgment
278 Health Care Services Review Information Request
820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice
834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance
835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice
837 P Health Care Claim Professional
837 I Health Care Claim Institutional
837 D Health Care Claim Dental
999 Implementation Acknowledgment

All HIPAA 005010 Transactions

EdiFabric EDI Framework allows software solutions to accurately translate medical data into a readable format that is easily understood by any clearinghouse.

We have helped customers to acquire CAQH Certifications and EdiFabric's HIPAA capabilities cover all HIPAA SNIP validation level types out of the box.

With our unique splitting technology processing large 834 or 835 files is faster then ever with the lowest memory consumption possible.

EdiFabric provides EDI templates for all 5010 medical transactions, so you don't have to start anything from scratch.

Take a look at our sample EDI template for 5010 837 P (Professional Claim):

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