EDI Webpad and EDI API - EdiNation

Customer profile:


Customer: EdiNation

Website: https://www.edination.com/

Industry: B2B

EdiNation is a technology company that standardizes the representation of business documents, which enables trading partners to communicate more predictably, accurately, and efficiently. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use their software to translate and validate their EDI documents online and to collaborate on and document their data formats.

Business challenge

Despite the EDI market growth, small and medium companies are still plagued by high provider costs, lack of options, and the variety of data standards they have to support. Removing the barriers to affordability and data transparency helps more businesses to get started, accelerates the growth for existing companies, and increases the speed and efficiency of global trade.


What would be the perfect way to organize and consume business data, using any programming language? API is what comes to mind. EdiNation used EdiFabric's technology as the base on top of which to build the first EDI API and an online EDI editor. The separation between the core engine and the EDI templates/models aligned very well with the modern design patterns. The unmatched performance of the readers and writes was sufficient enough to offer blazing fast API responses.

Our mission is to arm developers with the right tools to quickly build robust, scalable and flexible EDI applications in their preferred programming language



EdiNation was able to quickly incorporate EdiFabric and build upon it, resulting in a versatile and powerful product range hosted in the cloud. The ease of use, the extensibility and scalability potential, and the attention to detail made the experience of using EdiFabric in high performance, production critical, and hosted in the cloud solutions, all the more pleasurable.

By making EdiFabric a central point in all its products, EdiNation is now able to help customers of all sizes to reach trading partners using powerful and reliable EDI APIs engineered for growth.