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MessageErrorContext Methods

The MessageErrorContext type exposes the following members.

Public methodAdd(MessageErrorCode) Adds a syntax error code to the error codes collection.
Public methodAdd(SegmentErrorContext) Merges EDI segment contexts into the errors collection.
Public methodAddRange(IEnumerableMessageErrorCode) Merges error codes into the error codes collection.
Public methodAddRange(IEnumerableSegmentErrorContext) Merges an EDI segment context into the errors collection. There can be only one reference for a segment, containing all the errors for that segment. A segment is identified by its name (or segment ID) and its position.
Public methodFlatten Flattens the error hierarchy. Iterates through all errors in all contexts and outputs an easy to read error message for each error or code found.
Public methodSort Sorts the EDI segment error contexts by position
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