X12 TA1 acknowledgment error codes

The X12 TA1 technical acknowledgment reports the status of the processing of an interchange header and trailer. When the ISA and IEA of the X12-encoded message are valid, a positive TA1 ACK is sent, whatever the status of the other content is. If not, TA1 ACK with an error code is sent.

The X12 TA1 technical acknowledgment reports the status of the processing of an interchange header and trailer. AckMan raises TA1 automatically and only if they had been requested by the sender (ISA14 was set to a positive number). Every interchange header will be analyzed and if a problem is found a TA1 will be raised immediately. The contents of an interchange will always be processed regardless of its status. Upon reaching the interchange trailer (or improper end of file or a new interchange header) it will be analyzed and TA1 will be raised if not previously raised. Trailer faults do not trigger interchange rejection and are only informational. Duplicate detection can be incorporated by providing an external delegate.

EdiFabric AckMan analyses each ISA header as it reads the EDI document along. If the ISA can be rejected, a TA1 is generated immediately without waiting for the IEA trailer.

The following table indicates which error codes specified by the X12 specification are supported in EdiFabric AckMan and which are unsupported. The values for TA104 are as follows:

A = Accept

E = Interchange accepted with errors

R = Interchange rejected/suspended

DefinitionTA104 ValueTA105 ValueSupported?
The Interchange Control Numbers in the header ISA 13 and trailer IEA02 do not matchE1Yes
Standard in ISA11 (Control Standards) is not supportedE2No
Version of the controls is not supportedE3Yes
Segment Terminator is InvalidR4No
Invalid Interchange ID Qualifier for SenderR5Yes
Invalid Interchange Sender IDE6Yes
Invalid Interchange ID Qualifier for ReceiverR7Yes
Invalid Interchange Receiver IDE8Yes
Unknown Interchange Receiver IDE9No
Invalid Authorization Information Qualifier value R10Yes
Invalid Authorization Information valueR11Yes
Invalid Security Information Qualifier valueR12Yes
Invalid Security Information valueR13Yes
Invalid Interchange Date valueR14Yes
Invalid Interchange Time valueR15Yes
Invalid Interchange Standards Identifier valueR16Yes
Invalid Interchange Version ID valueR17No (uses 003 instead)
Invalid Interchange Control Number valueR18Yes
Invalid Acknowledgment Requested valueE19Yes
Invalid Test Indicator valueE20Yes
Invalid Number of Included Groups valueE21Yes
Invalid Control StructureR22Yes
Improper (Premature) End-of-File (Transmission)R23Yes
Invalid Interchange Content (e.g., Invalid GS segment)R24Yes
Duplicate Interchange Control NumberR25Yes
Invalid Data Element SeparatorR26No
Invalid Component Element SeparatorR27Yes