What is EdiFabric ?

EdiFabric Framework is a .NET library to translate, generate and validate EDI files. EdiFabric AckMan is a .NET library to generate fully compliant EDI acknowledgments. They are simple yet comprehensive tools that allow businesses to eliminate the need for external EDI vendors and rely only on their internal skills, resources and software to become EDI vendor themselves. Our .NET Core versions for both EdiFabric Framework and EdiFabric AckMan make all EdiFabric products multi-platform and bring their power to iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows.

EDI translator EDI generator EDI rules

Let's demonstrate how simple it is to read EDI files. It only takes a few lines of code to do it with EdiFabric. Requires Visual Studio and .NET skills. All trial products grant you evaluation license for 14 days.

Download the demo Visual Studio solution, unzip it and then open it.

Open Program.cs and change the path and name to point to your file.

var ediStream = File.OpenRead(@"YourPath\YourFile.txt");

Set a debug point to inspect the contents of ediItems.

List<EdiItem> ediItems;
using(var reader = new X12Reader(ediStream, LoadFactory))))
    ediItems = reader.ReadToEnd().ToList();    

Run TranslateEDIConsoleApp in debug mode.

EdiFabric provides bespoke EDI rules (one C# file for every transaction) for the following EDI transactions (click for matrix)

All EDI rules are provided as C# files and you can handcraft your own by applying our custom attributes to turn any class into EDI DOM. Take a look at some sample EDI files and EDI rules below.

HIPAA 837 P EDI rule & HIPAA 837 P EDI file

X12 810 EDI rule

X12 850 EDI rule & X12 850 EDI file



VDA 4905 EDI rule & VDA 4905 EDI file

How to understand the EDI rules?

How to read EDI documents?

How to write EDI documents?

How to validate EDI documents?

How to do cross-segment validation?

How to generate acknowledgments?

How to split large messages?

Review the API reference

Our open source SDK is available for download from GitHub.

Due to the methods we used to produce the trial version the following limitations should be considered:

  • The performance of the trial version is significantly slower than the real version.
  • The size of the assemblies in the trial version is larger than the real assemblies.

Download SDK

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us at office@edifabric.com.