Download Free Parsing EDI Demo

Download the demo

Download, unzip and then open EdiFabric.Demo solution

Download .ZIP 5MB

Rebuild the solution

Rebuild EdiFabric.Demo solution to restore the NuGet packages. If the packages can't be installed for whatever reason, reference the assemblies from DLLs folder.

Select an EDI file to translate

In Program.cs change the file path to point to the EDI file you want to translate. Sample EDI files are available in EdiFabric.Demo\Sample EDI Files folder.

List<EdiItem> ediItems;
using(var reader = new X12Reader(File.OpenRead(@"YourPath\YourFile.txt"), LoadFactory))
    ediItems = reader.ReadToEnd().ToList();

Run it

Add a breakpoint and run the console app in debug mode to inspect ediItems.

EDI framework demo

Browse the SDK

The SDK contains code snippets and covers the general framework usage. Several C# EDI templates are included to allow evaluation of the validation functionality and customization.

The following limitations should be considered:

  • All our trial products (Demo and SDK) grant you evaluation license for 14 days.
  • The performance of the trial version is significantly slower than the real version.
  • The size of the assemblies in the trial version is larger than the real assemblies.
  • The trial libraries do not work with .NET Migration classes (System.Data.Entity.Migrations).
  • The trial DLLs and NuGet packages do not support validation. Only C# EDI templates included in the SDK support validation.
  • The trial supports only .NET Framework.
  • The trial is limited to reading EDI files with up to 47 segments.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us at